Lights Out at Crestview Elementary

DSC_0306This afternoon was a little different through the hallways of Crestview Elementary…there was no electricity! Earlier in the day the school had been notified that a transformer had blown near the campus and needed to be replaced, which meant power would have to be cut from the campus for some time in the afternoon.

After District and Campus Administration collaborated, a plan was derived to keep classes in session and learning continuing despite the obstacle. A callout was administered to the parents of Crestview informing them that after lunch was served power would be out possibly for the duration of the school day.

DSC_0316Many parents decided to support the staff and students by providing small flashlights for the students, touch lights and even glow necklaces to assist in the continuing of their students education.

Around 1:30 pm the power was cut off to the building, the transformer was repaired and power was restored in about 45 minutes. It was a fun experience for the kids to try and find light where they could or get creative in working together. Great job to the staff of Crestview for keeping everyone safe and the learning process on track!