Let The Book Battle Begin

DSC_0948Getting students to read is sometimes a difficult task, but turn it into a competition and the idea of getting through books becomes a little easier. Third fourth and fifth graders across FISD recently went into competition mode for the District wide Battle of the Books event.

Bennett, Crestview, North Ridge, Oak Ridge, Westwind and Willow Bend each had two teams from their DSC_0940respective campuses participate in the “Battle”. The teams were comprised of four to five students who had read a total of 10 books starting from December until the competition took place last week. These students spent months reading and re-reading the books, having practices before and after school and even some campuses hosted a teacher vs. student competition to help prepare for the big day!

During the competition one campus team went head-to-hDSC_0994ead with another campus and were asked detailed questions over the books they read. Team “A” had 30 seconds to respond and the answer had to include the correct title of the book and the novel’s author to receive a point. If an incorrect answer was given by Team A then Team B had a chance to steal and deliver the correct response within 15 seconds. Each team alternated the order in which questions were delivered. After 20 questions were given the team with the most points won that round. The students then changed rooms and went up against another team with a different set of questions. The entire competition lasted for three rounds. Congratulations to all of these students who participated in Battle of the Books.

After months of hard work and studying the District results are as follows:

5th Grade                                                          4th Grade

5th Graded BOB 2016

4th Grade BOB 2016