Legacy Elementary Students Gain Realistic Voting Experience

Lubbock County Elections Office volunteers guide students through the voting process

Fourth and fifth grade students at Legacy Elementary school lined the hallways in preparation to vote for their Student Council Officers on Friday morning. Volunteers from the Lubbock County Elections Office ushered students through the process of casting a ballot with the same polls used in official government elections.

Students were issued a voter ID number that they keyed into the touch-screen polls. After casting their individual private votes, they submitted their electronic ballot in a process identical to those used in local and federal elections. Volunteers from the Lubbock County Elections Office explained the importance of voting as students filed through the lines.

Koltan Hernandez was especially excited to cast his ballot.

“We get to vote for who represents us!” exclaimed Hernandez. “Grown-ups get to vote for Presidents, and now we get to choose our own President.”

Adult voters can follow in the footsteps of Legacy Elementary students and register to vote by Tuesday, October 10 for the November 7 General Election. Frenship ISD’s Tax Ratification Election will be included on the November 7 ballot.

For more information on the Tax Ratification Election, click here.