iPads and iMovies Add a New Twist to HMS Science Class

DSC_0141Seventh grade students at Heritage Middle School recently used the iMovie app on the iPad to create short movies that were presented to their class. Each small group created a movie on a different human body system including: functions and structures of that system, ways the system interacts with other systems, as well as facts they learned about the system by researching on their iPads.

Many of the students used props when video tapping one other and taking pictures to include in their movie. Props included a model of the human body, a skeleton, white boards, a lung model, a stethoscope, safety glasses and lab coats. They mastered the information that they were learning in class as they became the teachers and producers of their films. They enjoyed adding a few special effects and pictures, as well as watching themselves and their classmates when they presented them to one another. This was a new and entertaining way to teach the students science!

Check out one of the movies created by these talented HMS students in Mrs. Carlin’s Class.

HMS Integumentary System iMovie