How Fast Can You Math?: Westwind Elementary Holds Annual Math Bee

By Angela Howard

Math: It’s In the Family

Numbers were multiplying all over the place at Westwind Elementary as students competed in the annual Math Bee. Students were divided up by grade level when competing in this challenging event. It all added up to being the fastest person to correctly solve a math equation.

Students listened as a caller called out math facts. The students had 3 seconds to solve the equation. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division were all included. Students competed in a classroom Math Bee in order to compete for the grade level Math Bee.

At the end of the competition, it was apparent that math seems to run in some families. There were two brothers Max Rodriguez (5th Grade) and Leo Rodriguez (2nd Grade) who both made it to the campus Math Bee for their grade level. In Third Grade, however, the top two winners were cousins, Allan Scoggins and Kami Johnson.

2019 Math Bee Winners:
1st Place: Sariah Hernandez
2nd Place: Davian Dominguez

First Grade:
1st Place: Alyssa Boyer
2nd Place: Isaiah Dawkins

Second Grade:
1st Place: Haydyn Acevedo
2nd Place: Braysen Hurt

Third Grade:
1st Place: Allan Scoggins
2nd Place: Kami Johnson

Fourth/Fifth Grade:
1st Place: Jaylee Walker (4th Grade)
2nd Place: Jayden Flores (4th Grade)

Congratulations to our winners!