HMS Students Bring Texas History to Life

HMS Native American Texas historyAt Heritage Middle School students took a trip back in time during Coach Allen’s Texas history classes this week. The students worked on a project that required them  to develop a “Native Newscast”. Each group was assigned a Native American tribe from one of the four cultural areas in Texas.

The students then had to research their specific cultural group, develop a newscast to present the Native’s culture and how they adapted to their environment. Once they completed those steps in the project the classes were then asked to develop two commercials to sell “products” that would be beneficial to Native cultures during that time period.

The groups didn’t spare any detail when it came time to record their commercials. Several dressed in clothing to represent their specific Native cultures and even painted their faces as many did for ceremonies or in preparation for battle. The students final steps were to take their videos through the editing process and present them to their fellow classmates.