HMS, It’s Greek To Me

DSC_0881Heritage Middle School 7th grade English Language Arts and Reading students have been studying Greek Mythology by reading Percy Jackson’s “The Lightening Thief.”

Students throughout the 7th grade could be found dressed in their best Grecian attire of togas and sandals. The students are at the halfway point in the book which is known as the Greek Battle. Today, 12 gods and goddess took the stage to be the hosts of HMS’, Greek inspired family feud. Students were split up into teams based upon the 12 gods represented such as Aphrodite, Apollo and Poseidon just to name a few.

DSC_0882The battle consisted of teams going to head to head to answer questions about their book. Parents and teachers were present to watch the show unfold, but the best part was hearing the students comment on how they will always remember their Greek mythology based off of this lesson.

Excellent job HMS staff and a big thank you to the ELAR teachers Camille Caravelli and Tate Albright for orchestrating such a unique learning experience for these students.