Heritage Student Council Donates Hand-Made Dog Toys to Morris Safe House

The donation was a part of a service project, in which students at Heritage Middle School made hand-made dog toys in their free time to give to the local dog shelter.

(L-R) HMS Student Andrea Laughlin (6th grade) and Jentre Kennedy (8th grade)

All dogs, both large and small, at the Morris Safe House received boxes full of handmade dog toys from the Heritage Middle School student council Monday (Feb. 6) after the students spent their free time at school making them from old T-shirts and blankets.

The service project came about when 6th grader Andrea Laughlin visited a Volunteer Center of Lubbock meeting, knowing she wanted to help out in some way.

After thinking about it, she came up with the idea to help out the Morris Safe House, a non-profit, no-kill dog shelter, located west of the Reese Center in Hockley County.

Laughlin took the idea to broadcast media/multimedia teacher Kristy Jones who then helped kick start the project. Providing the blankets and T-shirts, Jones’ students began making the dog toys for the dog shelter.

From all different sizes, each of the dogs staying at the shelter currently, received their own toy to play with.

When the student council sponsors, Laughlin, Jentre Kennedy and Tate Albright, as well as Jones, went to deliver the toys, they got to play with all of the dogs and puppies with their new toys.

“It’s just really neat to see an idea come through after working on it,” Laughlin said while at the shelter. “And we’re getting to play with the dogs and puppies we brought the toys to. I don’t think you can beat that.”

Morris-Safe-House-1Jones said she is extremely proud of her students. After students completed their work they could choose to do whatever they chose in their free time. Jones said the students chose to make the dog toys instead of playing computer games or other activities.

“It just goes to show how thoughtful our kids are,” Jones said. “They could have chosen anything to do in their free time and they chose to help others. I’m so proud of them.”

Morris Safe House opened in 2008 and provides owner care for all of the dogs it rescues. Until a safe, suitable home is found, each dog is treated as their own pet. Before coming into the shelter, each dog is given a full wellness screening. The dogs are also fully-vaccinated, spayed or neutered and microchipped prior to adoption and given monthly Heartgard and Frontline medication to prevent heartworms, ticks and fleas.

Volunteers are always welcomed at Morris Safe House. For more information about volunteering, contact owner Sallie Morris at (806) 239-0156.