Heritage Jousts for Miracles

DSC_0287Heritage Middle School National Junior Honor Society is raising money for the Children’s Miracle Network Miracle Pennies program from January 25 through February 5.  The students have been raffling tickets, $1 each, for the chance of jousting against Principal Gina Laughlin or Assistant Principals Dennis Hearn or Glen Hill.

The students rented an inflatable pedestal joust from Spoil Me Rotten and on Wednesday afternoon the HMS gym was ready for a competition that would rival that of the Middle Ages, well sort of.  Students were selected to compete against their administrators, administrators vs. administrators and even teacher vs. student rounds were held!

Along with the jousting event students could also donate money to have certain teachers “arrested” at the campus with all the money going toward making more miracles happen for the children at University Medical Center. HMS has raised over $4,000 to date for the local hospital and that number is continuing to grow! The Pep Rally yesterday was one for the ages at HMS. Check out the link below for more photos from the event.

HMS Jousting for Miracles Slideshow