Heavy Rains Equal Tall Weeds in Wolfforth

The Wolfforth Police Department requests every citizen’s assistance with keeping the City safe and clean. Due to the abundant moisture that has been received, the mosquito and other pest populations are extremely high. Tall grass and weeds are not only unsightly but also harbor the pests as well as being a fire hazard. City Ordinance 6.03.001 states that failing to maintain property free of grass and weeds over 12 inches tall is a violation. Here is how you can help! Please check and mow, as needed, the grass and weeds on any property that you may own or reside in and remember to check the alley also. The area directly behind the fence lines to the alley right of way and around utility poles or meters is also the responsibility of the resident.  Standing water, household appliances and fixtures, brush piles, debris, used building materials and supplies, tires, junk, rubbish or any matter that would be considered detrimental to the health, safety and welfare of the community are included in the above referenced ordinance as being violations when present on the property.

City maintenance crews are out canvassing the city spraying for mosquitoes along with Lubbock county units. Please help out their efforts by keeping your property clean and your lawn free of tall weeds and grass. For more information or to report a violation call Officer Jackie De La Garza at (806)855-4172 or jdelagarza@wolfforthpd.org

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