Grātulātiō! FHS Latin Students Qualify for State Competition

The Frenship Latin Club hosted the 2016 Area D Latin Competition last weekend at FHS, and many from the host team qualified for the Texas State Junior Classical League Competitions in Houston on April 22-23. Below is a full list of Frenship High School students who are state qualifiers.

Level I

Emily Bayliss – Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, Roman Life, Decathlon

Nathan Broyles – Greek Life & Literature, Elementary Grammar

Haley Mimms – Greek History, Mixed Media (art)

Jowie Patano – Mottoes, Greek Derivatives

Destiny Timms – Latin Derivatives, Mythology, Classical Art, Sight Recitation, Latin Oratory

Shania Williams – Roman History


Level II

Clara Baker – Classical Art, Reading Comprension

Asthon Bayliss – Roman Life

Joel Buford – Grammar

Katie Chaffin – Watercolor/Pastel, Oil/Acrylic

Jacob Evans – Latin Literature, Mottoes, Models

Kayti Girdner – Greek Derivatives

Molly Smith – Polychromatic

Caleb Starr – Mythology

Lexi Voorhies – Greek Life & Literature, Electronic Artwork

Jane Whiting – Vocabulary, Latin Derivatives


Level III

Trisha Bolla – Advanced Grammar

Christopher Jerabek – Reading Comprehension: Poetry, Mythology, Ancient Geography, Roman History, Decathlon

Emma Montague – Roman Life, Traditional Photography

Guy Morales – Latin Derivatives, Greek History, Sight Recitation

Reagan Thomas – Mottoes


Level IV

Gavin House – Decathlon, Advanced Grammar, Essay

Kennedy McLeod – Reading Comprehension – Poetry, Greek Life & Literature, Greek History, Greek Derivatives, Sculpture

Samantha Morris – Latin Literature

McKenna Rattan – Mythology

Timothy Toledo –Mottoes, Ancient Geography

Taylor Williams – Latin Derivatives, Computer Enhanced Photography

Bringing Texans interested in the classics together since the late 60s, the TSJCL fosters the study of ancient Greek and Latin topics in the modern age. The TSJCL is one of more than 1,000 chapters of the National Junior Classical League, an international organization that encourages the same activities as the TSJCL. The NJCL is one of the largest student driven organizations in the world, comprised of more than 45,000 students.