Freshman Students Experience Fish Camp

The freshman class at Frenship ISD participated in Fish Camp, an orientation camp to create friendships, learn life as a high school student and also teach what it’s like to be a Frenship Tiger.

The first week of school for the freshman class at Frenship ISD was full of excitement as they began their high school careers in the new FHS Ninth Grade Center and also experiencing Fish Camp.

An orientation camp, Fish Camp helps to create friendships and learn life as a high school student while also teaching the class of 2021 what it means to be a Frenship Tiger through fun, team-building activities, a pep rally and more.

During the pep rally before the final bell on Friday (Sept. 1), students learned new chants, including the student body’s “Aye, Aye, Aye,” along with the school song and fight song.

The pep rally also included a dance off between four students and four teachers.

The goal of Fish Camp is to help students get acquainted to high school and ease the transition from a middle school student to a high school student.