Frenship Students Honor Veterans Through Various Programs

veteran joe lafuente talks about veterans day to crestview students

Last week, Frenship ISD students honored veterans through various ways to show their appreciation for the men and women who served our country. From a musical tribute by Willow Bend students to special presentations at Crestview Elementary, Frenship students were able to express their gratitude to the millions of veterans across the U.S.

One of those veterans, Retired Navy Veteran Joe Lafuente, made a stop at Crestview to teach the students about the meaning behind Veterans Day.

Bright-eyed and attentive, the first graders listened closely as the veteran discussed his 23 years of service to the United States. Encased in a glass box with an American flag folded neatly, Lafuente showed the students the medals and honors he achieved through is military service.

students display photos of their veteransAs part of their Veterans Day celebrations, the students also took part in a special and meaningful project. Proudly on display in the hallways with the title, ‘Veterans Day Heroes’, the students hung photos of their own veterans – loved ones and friends – who have served.

To all of the veterans in our Frenship families, local communities and across the nation, thank you for your service and sacrifice.