Frenship Powerlifters Pumping Iron, Winning Medals

Congratulations to the following Frenship High School powerlifters for placing second as a team at Friona Powerlifting Championships on Saturday February 27:

Six FHS individuals also placed in their respective weight classes:

1st place: Anthony Lara

4th place: Adrian Velasquez

2nd place: Bolton Huerta

4th place: Asher Robinson

3rd place: Gage Holmes

5th place: Jordan Hernandez

Members of the FHS powerlifting team include Cameron Arellano, Hayden McCalib, Quinten Johnson, R.J. Young, Isaiah Williams, Adam Delgado, Lance Lee, Gage Morgan, Jose Valles, Zach Morgan, Lucas Flores, Dillan Allen, and Dane Lewis. Also, special thanks to Robin Bolla for his assistance at the meet.

The boys’ regional qualifiers will be announced on February 29.

The girls’ regional qualifiers were announced last week, and congratulations to the three Frenship girls who earned regional qualifying status in their respective weight class:

Claire Currie

Hannah Tyson

Storey Muse (alternate)

They will represent Frenship High School at the THSWPA Region I Division I Powerlifting Meet on March 5 in Fort Stockton.

The girls competed Saturday, February 20 in Andrews where Storey Muse earned a 3rd place medal and Hannah Tyson earned a 4th place medal in their respective weight class.