Frenship Police Officer Receives Certificate of Appreciation from Crime Victim Coalition

Richard Mosher, a Frenship ISD police officer, received a certificate of appreciation during an awards ceremony Thursday (April 6) for his work with the Lubbock County Dispute Resolution Center.

Frenship police officer Richard Mosher received a certificate of appreciation from the Lubbock Crime Victim Coalition Thursday (April 6) for his work with the Lubbock County Dispute Resolution Center.

Mosher, a 25+ year police officer veteran, was nominated by the Dispute Resolution Center as he helped get the center running five years ago. The center provides a safe and secure environment for supervised visitation between parents and children with off-duty police officers serving as security for the center.

In plain clothes, Mosher along with other police officers are there to kids and staff safe during visitations.

“Our goal at the Dispute Resolution Center is to be here and be seen,” Mosher said. “We want these children to know that they are in a safe environment.”

The center serves as an in-between for parents, children and the court system.

When Mosher found out that he received the award from the coalition, he was surprised and humbled.

“I owe it all to the Dispute Resolution Center and the people there,” he said. “To me, I’m just doing my job. I work with kids all of the time and it’s something I enjoy doing. To get an award for that is very humbling and I’m thankful.”

Mosher came to Frenship ISD eight years ago after working with the Lubbock County Sheriff’s Office for 20 years.

He said working at Frenship ISD is where he enjoys being after spending a good amount of his career in the hustle and bustle of law enforcement.

The awards ceremony was held at the LakeRidge United Methodist Church during National Crime Victims’ Week.

Many well-known people in the Lubbock community were in attendance, including Lubbock Mayor Dan Pope, Dustin Borrows from the Texas House of Representatives, Texas Senator Charles Perry and more.

Lubbock Police officer Corey Owens, who was injured by a drunk driver in 2015 while on shift, gave the keynote speech about have strength and resilience after a life-altering event.

Congratulations to Officer Mosher on his well-deserved award!