Frenship ISD Hires 180 New Employees for 2017-18 Year

This is one of the largest amounts of new employee hires the district has had for both teachers and paraprofessionals combined.

As Frenship ISD welcomes new students for the 2017-18 year, the students also will be welcomed with 180 new employee faces that were hired over the summer.

The district has hired 42 first year teachers out of the new 180 employees.

The first year teachers include:

Frenship High School:

  • Kinsey Baker
  • Hailey Clark
  • Katherine Fehr
  • Nick Goree
  • Sarah Ketchem
  • Lisa Massey
  • Whitney Nielson
  • Maria Nunez-Tabares
  • Melissa Rose
  • Julia Stephens
  • Annette Tovar
  • Dana Vinson
  • Austin Williamson

FHS Ninth Grade Center:

  • Halen Hardage

Frenship Middle School:

  • Tanner Pylant

Heritage Middle School:

  • Becca Burkhead

Terra Vista Middle School:

  • Colin Jacobs

Bennett Elementary:

  • Bailey Keith

Legacy Elementary:

  • Callie Cunningham
  • Ciera Martin
  • Kayla Northcutt
  • Taylor Schwalm

North Ridge Elementary:

  • Emily Austin
  • Whitney Sarinana

Oak Ridge Elementary:

  • Laura Cutshall
  • Jennifer Harrison
  • Cheyenne Smith

Upland Heights Elementary:

  • Sydney Kennedy
  • Kaitlen McNeill

Westwind Elementary:

  • Kaylee Eggleston
  • Marisa Guel
  • Sharla Littlefield
  • Elizabeth Patterson

Willow Bend Elementary:

  • Ariel Clay
  • Kendra Dean
  • Haley Hawkins
  • Paula James
  • Iskra Lopez
  • Tiffany Neal
  • Libby Sanchez
  • Brooke Scrutchin

Each year, the district is growing and we are excited to welcome back students and new employees for the 2017-18 year.