Frenship Hosts Business Partner Luncheon

Business Partner Luncheon

(Wolfforth, TX) – Health Sciences, Tiger Bites, Robotics, Auto Tech – these programs and many others are made possible to students at Frenship ISD because of multiple partnerships throughout the community. On October 29th, the District welcomed dozens of businesses to the Business Partners Luncheon, sponsored by Lubbock National Bank, where guests heard from a panel made up of Frenship students benefitting from some of these partnerships.

Ahmad Altabaa, a Frenship High School student in the Health Sciences program, said the equipment that has been donated to the courses has allowed him to get a jump-start on material taught in college-level courses.

Heidi Castro will be graduating this year with most of her first year of college finished already because of a partnership with Angelo State University. She said the dual credit program allows her to take college-level credits for free and provide some financial relief when she gets into a university.

Hannah King, Terra Vista Middle School student, and Kaine McCall, Willow Bend Elementary student, participate in programs that Communities in Schools bring to their campuses. Hannah thanked those in the CIS program who chose to partner with her school for giving her comfort and confidence that she didn’t have before as a new student at Frenship ISD. She and her family had been through very trying times which caused her to be very distant, but thanks to her mentor, she now has the courage to step out of her comfort zone and join student groups and organizations.

Kaine said the CIS mentor at his campus always encourages him to try his hardest and do his best. He thanked those in the room who help with the feeding program, Tiger Bites, because “sometimes we don’t have enough food in our house, and the snacks are really good in the bags that are sent home.”

Hundreds of business professionals were able to take a deeper look into the good work that their support is having on the kids across Frenship ISD and also heard from Dr. McCord on the state of the District.

We are so grateful to those who choose to partner with Frenship ISD and assist us in equipping our learners with the very best for their education.