Frenship Family Members “Leaping” About Birthday Celebrations

We all tend to have certain birthdays throughout our life that we look forward to celebrating in a big way. We are excited when we turn 16 because that means we can get our driver’s license, at 18 because we are officially considered an adult, and then the 30, 40, 50, etc. which are known as milestone years in our lives. But could you imagine if every one of your birthdays felt as big of a celebration as these few that roll around in a lifetime?

There are six individuals in Frenship ISD that do consider each birthday a special celebration because they only get to celebrate their true birth date once every four years. These six were all born on February 29 during a Leap Year, making each of them only one in around 200,000 people in the United States to be born on February 29. We sat down with each of them to get their perspective on having such a rare and unique birthday.


Jaden Fierro

1st Grade, Westwind Elementary

Leap Year Age: 2

“I am very excited to celebrate my birthday with a cake,  and I hope to receive a bowling game for my special day!”

The Leap Year birthday concept is still a little too difficult for this adorable first grader to comprehend, but it won’t be long before he realizes just how extra special his birthday really is!

AnnikaAnnika Flora

6th Grade, Heritage Middle School

Leap Year Age: 3

“When I was little I didn’t like having a Leap Year birthday, but now that I’m older I realize when I’m 40 years old I’ll get to tell people I’m only 10! Each birthday I start my celebration with pancakes for breakfast and then I usually have a cake that has my Leap Year age on it. I also like to wear a T-shirt that says something special about Leap Year birthdays.”

Fun Facts:

  • Annika was in second grade at Crestview Elementary with Sylvia Blackmon who also shares a Leap Year birthday. Both of the girls were on the K-Paw News and they used their birthdays to help explain Leap Year to the rest of the students.
  • Chooses to celebrate every other year on February 28 since she was born in February.
  • Annika was born at 10:17 pm so she was very close to missing being born on February 29

DSC_0486Sylvia Blackmon

6th Grade, Terra Vista Middle School

Leap Year Age: 3

“People sometimes tease you about having a birthday only once every four years, but I like it because I get to be special. Every four years I get to have a big party at Main Event with my friends. I love the laser tag and am excited to celebrate this year.”

Fun Facts:

  • When you ask how old she is, she quickly shares three before explain the Leap Year birthday.
  • Chooses to celebrate every other year on February 28

DSC_0490Kymberli Applegate

10th Grade, Frenship High School

Leap Year Age: 4

“I like being different from everyone else with my birthday, but I don’t like have to explain having a Leap Year birthday to everyone. I always have a big celebration with my family at Texas Roadhouse every year. It is my favorite restaurant and we usually have 15-20 people who are with us for my birthday.”

Fun Facts:

  • When she was younger her parents would tell her she wouldn’t be able to get a car until she was really old since she was only two or three based on her Leap Year age. Kymberli believed them for the longest time before she caught on to them just kidding her.
  • Each Leap Year birthday she receives a balloon bouquet from her parents with her Leap Year age in the middle.
  • Her older sister only gets her a birthday present every four years because she says she doesn’t really have a birthday each year.
  • Chooses to celebrate every other year on March 1

SherrySherry Airhart

Vision Teacher, Frenship ISD

Leap Year Age: 13

“I just remember people always telling me how sad they thought it was that I only got to celebrate my birthday every four years. I always have liked it, it makes me unique. Starting at the age of about 8, I began getting frog themed gifts each Leap Year from friends and family. Now I have an entire shelf at home with frog trinkets I’ve been given over the years.”

Fun Facts:

  • Her great uncle was also born on Leap Year; he was so excited when she was born so they could share a birthday.
  • Sherry was born nine days late!

Rosita%20WilliamsRosita Williams

Assistant Principal, Reese Education Center

Leap Year Age: 14

“Being an identical twin it was always fun. We grew up in Earth, TX so we were always teased that the “Earthlings” only had a birthday every four years. Being from a big family we didn’t do anything too special. The schools always made a big deal about our birthday and used it when they taught Leap Year lessons.”

Fun Facts:

  • Rosita started her career as a kindergarten teacher and always joked that she could handle the little ones high energy because she was the same age as them.
  • She is quick to let everyone know she is still a teenager.
  • Chooses to celebrate every other year on February 28.