FMS National Junior Honor Society Buys Books for Post ISD

photo 4The National Junior Honor Society students at Frenship Middle School blessed their new friends at Post ISD with a tremendous book donation to their schools. The FMS NJHS students worked volunteer hours at Scholastic and held fundraisers to raise money for teachers at Post Elementary so they could have new books in their classrooms.

Post Elementary burned in a fire back in the fall and left the students and teachers with very few classroom resources that survived. The Frenship students asked Post teachers for lists of books they would like to have before Christmas.

After raising 1,500 dollars and Scholastic matching their fundraising, the FMS NJHS brought 3,000 dollars worth of books to the teachers. The NJHS students were able to deliver the books to Post Elementary last week.

Post ISD shared on their website, “We are so appreciative of their time and efforts. Another blessing from the National Junior Honor Society at Frenship Middle School.”