FMS Chess Team is Unstoppable Yet Again

The Frenship Middle School Chess team participated in the Check With Tech Chess Tournament on April 18 at Cooper North Middle School. The chess team had to have a good showing with a lot of their better players not being able to attend due to other school and recreational sports commitments. Mr. Messerschmidt recruited heavily for the past month and got enough players to show up to make a difference.

The players performed exceptionally well and finished first overall with a total of 11.5 points out of a possible of 12. In addition to finishing first as a team, FMS had a total of nine different players this year finish first or tie for first with Maverick Bryan winning four games and taking home first place. Lucas Adams also won four games and finished tied for first but received third based on strength of schedule. Holden Janes finished in second with 3.5 points but overall finished in fifth because of the four way tie for first. This is the fifth tournament of the year for Frenship Middle School.

Additionally, FMS won the Grand Prix, an award given to the program that accumulates most points during the year at all five of the yearly tournaments.

“They have really taken their game to a higher level,” said Mr. Messerschmidt, FMS teacher and chess sponsor.  “This has to be one of the best performances ever.”

To demonstrate the dominance of the FMS Chess team in this final tournament here are the results of all five tournaments:

1st Tournament:  1st place with a total of 16 points, 1st Place individual

2nd Tournament: 1st place with a total of 21 points, 1st Place individual

3rd Tournament: 1st place with a total of 30.5 points, 1st Place individual

4th Tournament: 2nd place with a total of 19 points, 1st Place individual

5th Tournament: 1st place with a total of 35.5 points, 1st Place individual