FMS Chess Team Claims Another Tournament Title

The Frenship Middle School chess team participated in the March Check with Tech Chess Tournament on Saturday, and even though the team had a smaller group than usual due to the holiday weekend, they still manages very similar results.

In the weekend tournament that combined the all middle school and high school teams, and FMS claimed a first place finish with 11 points.

In addition to the first place team finish, FMS also had the first place individual winner. Both Chris Cashman and Ben Myers finished the tournament with undefeated records.

FMS had 8 other players win 3 and lose 1 match. Six of these losses came at the hands of an FMS teammates. The students that finished with 3 wins are Henry Whiting, Landon Wilson, Mark Dannemiller, Kaden Womack, Cade Salisbury, Nate Hitt, Lucas Adams, and Zach Williams.

FMS has one tournament left for the year. If they win their final tournament, FMS would claim 10 wins and two second place finishes out of 12 tournaments the last two years.

The Grand Prix chess standings are comprised of 28 school teams from all over the West Texas and New Mexico region. FMS is currently leading the Grand Prix standings for the city championship with a total of 189.5 points. Last year, FMS won the city championship with 133 points.

“This year’s team is shattering all the previous year records,” said FMS chess sponsor Thomas Messerschmidt. “I am extremely proud of all the accomplishments of the FMS chess team.”