FISD Students Eligible to Collect Cash for Straight A’s

WB22_All_A's_ groupWestern Bank is proud to announce the All A’s Program for the students of Frenship ISD.

Any Frenship student in third grade through twelfth grade is invited to bring their report card with All A’s to Western Bank. Western Bank will reward the student by opening a savings account for them and depositing 10 dollars into the account.

The student is eligible to receive 10 dollars for each All A report card they achieve during their career at Frenship. If a student made straight A’s the entire year, they would receive 60 dollars.

This is a great way of teaching kids about money, savings and the reward of working hard to make straight A’s.

If you would like more information about the All A’s Program, please contact Magan Catney at 806-798-9700 or email at