FISD Proudly Recognizes Our Officers for National Police Week

The week of May 10-16 is reserved in our nation to recognize those in blue who strive to protect us each day. We would like to take a moment to say thank you to the officers of Frenship ISD who work diligently to keep us safe. We appreciate your commitment to our students and staff and thank you for suiting up every day to protect and serve.

Frenship ISD Chief of Police Jerry Arranaga shares this message:

“I am honored to work with men and women who go above and beyond their police duties. The men and women who you see and speak to on a daily basis are all officers that eagerly sought a position with Frenship; that indicates they are not your traditional police officer. Officers like; Amy, Rosanna, Richard, Brad, Scott, Mark, and Guard Edgar Nava are carefully selected individuals, which wear many hats during their day. They come to work every day with the intent to do a great job just for you, for the kids we love and protect, and for our Frenship community.”

If you see one of the Frenship Police Officers this week, please take a moment to thank them for their service each day.

Chief of Police Jerry Arranaga
Lieutenant Amy Penn








Rosanna Langston
Richard Mosher








Scott Prothro
Brad Rumfield







Mark Wittie
Security Edgar Nava