First Responders Demonstrate Safety for Westwind Students

DSC04079Westwind students recently had a visit from some of Lubbock’s First Responders for a community helpers presentation for Pre-K and Kindergarteners. The Lubbock Police Department brought four police dogs and taught the students all about their four legged helpers. The kids learned the dogs come from Holland, they are the Dutch Shepherd breed and that they can cost up to $9,000 each! One really interesting fact is that the dog’s police handlers only speak Dutch to the canines.

The students were then shown how the dogs sniff out the scent to locate drugs and also how fast the dogs can run after bad guys. It was also and opportunity for the staff of Westwind to reconnect with Sgt. Gruner, one of the dog handlers, as he previously was the PE aide for the elementary. A few of the officers present were motorcycle officers and educated everyone about the motorcycle, demonstrated the ticket printer and even showed off motorcycle maneuvers with their 900 pound bikes!

DSC04095Later in the week the students received a special visit from Lubbock Fire and Rescue. Each student got an up close and personal look at a fire truck!  A fully “suited up” fireman showed the students and staff what he would look and sound like if he were to go into a burning building or home.  He explained that even though he might look and sound a little scary he was just a regular person in his special costume.  He also informed all the kindergarteners that if they were ever in a burning building they should not hide from a fireman.

The students had a wonderful time learning from both the LPD and LFR and left each of these lessons more educated about first responders and the importance of 911 in an emergency! Thank you to the LPD and Lubbock Fire and Rescue for all you do!