FHS Tournament of Short Stories

DSC_0850 FHS students in Mrs. Kelsey Taylor’s GT classes recently competed in a tournament of short stories to showcase their talent and creative ways of thinking.

The students were divided into groups where they were assigned a short story. They were asked to read their story, create an electronic presentation, visual aid and to dress as characters within their story. Once they completed their assignment the students when head to head in a bracket style competition.

Three rounds of competition took place for these motivated students with each round consisting of a different component in the creative process. After the first round the remaining students moved on to round two and finally the championship was set.

DSC_0858The groups competing for the title of Short Story Champs had to present their story with all the elements created but then had to be prepared, and well versed, for questioning by their peers and a panel of guest judges from the FHS staff. Each group put so much time and dedication into these projects and Mrs. Taylor worked diligently to make sure this assignment incorporated collaboration, communication, curiosity and context; the 4 C’s of learning that FISD strives for its students to grasp through their educational learning.