FHS Students Win Big at State VASE Competition

Congratulations to the Frenship High School students who competed and won at the State VASE (Visual Arts Scholastic Event) held April 24-25 in Dallas.

This year, students across the state of Texas submitted 28,760 entries to VASE. Of those entries, 1,785 were state qualifiers and only 177 were selected as Gold Seals.  Frenship High School students received 2 of those Gold Seals.

FHS State VASE Gold Seal winners were Courtney Archer and Amber Noyola. FHS also had five state VASE medal winners. They include Kennedy Kinder, Ashley McClellan, Cynthia Prieto, Mikaela Sircable, and Autume Young.

Courtney Archer ProjectCourtney Archer








Courtney Archer

Amber NoyolaAmber Noyola Project

Amber Noyola

According to their website, State VASE is the culminating event of a year of hard work and creative genius on behalf of the art students, teachers, and administrators in Texas!!! This event begins with each of the Regional Events scheduled during the months of January and February. The State of Texas is divided into 20 Education Regional Service Centers.

Students in the various regions are invited to participate in their Regional Event. The students are interviewed and their artworks are juried by certified, professional TAEA jurors. A Rating IV is the mark of a superior, exemplary, work of art. This qualifies the student to be entered in to the VASE Area Event. After the jury process is complete the artworks that qualify to participate are then processed for the State Event.

Below are the state winning projects from FHS:

Ashlley McClellan Project-1 Ashlley McClellan Project-2 Autume Young Project Cynthia Prieto Project Kennedy Kinder Project Mikaela Sircable Project