FHS Students Raise Awareness About Cancer

Frenship High School students in Michelle Stuart’s Pre-AP Biology class made research-based presentations in a Cancer Conference last week. The event was come and go at the Student Center.

Students were responsible for researching a type of cancer, then presenting information on how to prevent the cancer, the treatments for it and their conclusions. Students were engaged in each presentation and asked each other questions to further their understanding. Dr. Michelle McCord, Frenship ISD Superintendent, attended the event and asked a few questions of her own.

“This is the second year that I have done the Cancer Conference,” said Stuart. “I wanted my students to understand more about cancer and how it can affect an individual. I also want students to see that things they are doing in their life right now might affect their risk factors of developing cancer later in life.”

The Cancer Conference was a connection to TEKS that cover Cellular Division (Mitosis) and the Cell Cycle. Beyond the Biology curriculum, they worked on presentation skills, professional behavior as a presenter and as an audience, business correspondence (through thank you notes) and creating the poster that is similar to presentations done in college.

“My favorite part is when the students learn about a cancer that they might have in their family,” said Stuart. “This will really bring real-life connections for them. I also like when students ask each other questions and the presenters have to think on the spot to answer questions they might not have expected. This is a great experience for them.”

One student in the class spoke from personal experience, as he had undergone cancer treatment just three years ago.

“This year I was able to watch several students overcome fears of public speaking and students share their own personal struggles with cancer,” said Stuart. “My students encouraged each other and really showed maturity and support for each other. I am so proud of my students and all their hard work.”