FHS Students Compete in Red Raider Startup

Frenship High School students participated in Red Raider Startup – a program by the Texas Tech University Innovation Hub – with students from area high schools on May 3–5. There were 33 area students who completed the program.

Students arrived on Thursday and were put into teams. They had an hour and a half to come up with an idea that their team wanted to work on over the course of the program. By dinner, the teams had an elevator pitch prepared and pitched to the other teams. Next, they went through a learning module that taught them about value proposition and customer segment. Each team then went back to work to identify what value proposition their idea/product had and who they will target as customers.

The next morning, the teams learned about customer discovery in a classroom module and then were transported to the TTU Student Union Building to conduct customer interviews.

“It was incredible to see how the students got out of their comfort zone and really talked to potential customers about their ideas,” said Taysha Williams, program director.

The teams came back to the Innovation Hub and worked with their teams on dissecting the information they received from their customer interviews. By 5 pm on Friday, the teams were practicing their pitches with Innovation Hub mentors.

The final presentations occurred on Saturday at noon in front of an investor panel. The panelists were very impressed with how well put together the presentations were. Below is a list of the companies/products that were pitched, as well as students who participated from each school.

Coda Soda: Interactive and Innovative soda truck. Customers will have the opportunity to mix and match soda flavors and come up with their own menu items.
Team Members: Kylah Higby (Frenship), Tyler Latta (Frenship), Jace Winters (Frenship) and Landon Parrot (Frenship)

VOLT: Vehicle for Outdoor Luxury Technology. VOLT is a rentable van packed with everything you need to stay connected to the outside world.
Team Members: Taylor Anderson (Coronado), Kaitlyn Hays (Talkington), Sidnee Hernandez (Lubbock High), Raynee Hitt (Coronado) and Charlie Young (Lubbock High)

The Hookup “News for All Views”: The Hookup provides accurate news stories for teenagers and young adults that is unbiased. The Hookup is a news aggregator for teens and young adults.
Team Members: Jasmine Galdamez (Talkington), Sarah Garcia (Lubbock High), Hayley Latta (All Saints Episcopal) and Erin Ritchie (Frenship)

Consultation: An app that brings the salon to you. Clients can upload a profile and be connected to stylists in the area who can do the types of services requested.
Team Members: Felicity Boyles (Lubbock High), Taylor Larson (Frenship), Jackie Robinson (Homeschool) and Iza Zuniga (Lubbock High)

Continental Bouquet: Flower shop that specializes in unique flowers from across the world. Customers will be able to make their own bouquets and learn about flowers from all continents.
Team Members: Ally Black (Frenship), Cara Quintanilla (Frenship), Audrey Vaughn (Frenship) and Addi Wall (Frenship)

IWEAR: App that allows you to see how an online product will look on you before you buy it.
Team Members: Hannah Chavez (Talkington), McCaleb Hart (Frenship), Brooke Pugh (Frenship) and Kendall Toelle (Talkington)

Route 2 Fruit: Smoothie truck that allows customers to build their own smoothie.
Team Members: Ellie Hart (Talkington), Julie Ritchie (Frenship) and Alexis Western (Cooper)

HEXBRUSH: Toothbrush that has toothpaste in capsules. Great for traveling. You get the perfect amount of toothpaste on your brush every time.
Team Members: Auerlio Deleon (Lubbock High) and Ty McCraw (Frenship)

Check out the gallery of photos from the event!