FHS Pom Shook Off the Competition at Champion Dance Nationals

Competing for the first time ever in a school dance competition sure didn’t overwhelm the Frenship pom squad.  The Tiger dancers brought home five different team awards on their way to being named the Grand Champion Team 1st Runner Up at the Champion Dance Nationals held in San Marcos on Saturday, March 7. Pom 5

Frenship competed along with 11 other teams competing in 185 dances total that included team routines, officer routines, ensembles, duets, and solos.  At the end of the day, FHS was awarded the Choreography Award (given to teams with the overall highest averages for this criteria in performance), the Judges Award (given to teams for scoring a 90 or higher out of 100 on three routines from all three of the judges), the Best In Class Team Hip Hop 1st Runner Up, the Best In Class Team Open Champion, and the Best In Class Team Pom Champion.

“I am so very proud of my girls,” said Jennifer Smith, FHS pom coach.  “They worked really hard for the competition while also performing their regular duties as a varsity pom squad member.  They really stepped up to the plate when it came time to perform.  I never heard them complain.  We did most of our competition practices at 6:45am 2-3 times a week and sometimes the morning after they got home from an away game.  This was an amazing squad to work wPom 4ith!  I am very proud to be part of this team!”

At the competition, FHS competed in the Small Team Division numbering from 13-20 dance members.  After Frenship performed their different routines throughout the day, the competition finished up at 6:30 followed by an exhibition dance performed by the host college, The Texas State Strutters.