FHS Latin Students Fare Well at State Junior Classical League Contest

State Latin WinnersFifty-two Frenship high School Latin students competed at the Junior Classical League contest held in Amarillo this past weekend. Frenship registered in the Upper Division which includes schools who teach Latin from 1st year Latin all the way to 6th year Latin. Below are the results from the Frenship students:

Category 1: Academic and Performance Awards
Anthony Davis – 2nd Place – Polychromatic Art level 3
Anthony Davis – 4th Place – Latin Dramatic Interpretation level 3
Brittany Rosales – 7th Place – Reading Comprehension level 4
Caleb Starr – 10th Place – Latin Mottoes Level 1
Catherine McGrew – 10th place – Latin Literature level 1
Clara Baker – 6th Place – Decathlon level 1
Courtney Archer – 5th Place – Club Scrapbook
Courtney Archer – 6th Place – Essay level 3
Courtney Archer – 6th Place – Oil and Acrylic Art level 3
Dylan Wehle – 10th Place – Mythology level 2
Esther Scherer – 5th Place – Vocal Solo level 2
Guy Morales – 3rd Place – Latin Sight Recitation level 2
Heath Gossett – 7th Place – Classical Art History level 2
Jacob Evans – 6th Place – Greek Life and Literature level 1
Jordan Benson – 6th Place – Sculpture Art level 1
Katrina Matilac – 4th Place – Watercolor Art level 1
Kim Bautista – 6th Place – Greek Life and Literature level 2
Lexi Voorhies – 3rd Place – Monochromatic Art level 1
Molly Smith – 4th Place – Mixed Media Art level 1
Payton Wilhite – 5th Place – Reading Comprehension level 3
Reagan Reeves – 8th Place – Greek Derivatives level 4
Samantha Morris – 7th Place – Latin Literature level 3
Sydnie Smith – 6th Place – Ancient Geography level 1
Timothy Toledo – 7th Place – Mythology level 3
Turner Odorizzi – 7th Place – Greek Life and Literature level 4
Turner Odorizzi – 8th Place – Greek History level 4

Category 2 Team Events
Ensemble  – 5th Place: Trisha Bolla (co-director), Guy Morales (co-director), Adrienne Rey, Catherine McGrew, Davis Smith, Esther Scherer, Hayden McCalib, Isaiah Johnson, Kristin Bradford, Marc Rey, Matt Bowman, Reagan Thomas, Tara Qualls

Original Play – 2nd Place: Reagan Reeves (author), McKenna Rattan, Taylor Williams, Anthony Davis, Timothy Toledo, Patrick Kamau, Brittany Rosales

Category 3: Comprehensive School Contest
A Pentathlon test is taken by every student present at the contest. Points from 0 to 4 are added to the team total. These students earned points for Frenship:

Latin Level 1 – Adrienne Rey, Aimee Harvey, Ashton Bayliss, Bryson Riley, Caleb Starr, Davis Smith, Jane Whiting, Joel Buford, Jordan Benson, Katrina Matilac, Kayti Girdner, Kristin Bradford, Lexi Voorhies, Molly Smith, Shaun McCormick, Tara Qualls

Latin Level 2Emma Montague, Esther Scherer, Grant Sharp, Guy Morales, Hayden McCalib, Heath Gossett, Isaiah Johnson, Kim Bautista, Marc Rey, Matt Bowman, Trisha Bolla

Latin Level 3 Courtney Archer, Anthony Davis, Gavin House, Patrick Kamau, Kennedy Mcleod, McKenna Rattan, Jake Smith, Payton Wilhite, Taylor Williams

Latin Level 4 Turner Odorizzi, Reagan Reeves

Susan Robertson, the advisor for the Frenship High School Latin Club, was very proud of the students from Frenship and their performance, behavior, and attitudes.