FHS Forensics Field Trip

Students in Dr. Ana Garcia’s forensic science class recently took a unique field trip to the Lubbock County Jail. The students have been studying forensics and law enforcement since school started and Dr. Garcia thought this would be a great opportunity to combine the two lessons.

“The link of this trip to my lesson plans is that I wanted to expose the students to as many opportunities as possible in the field of forensics and law enforcement,” said Garcia.

Her goal was to hopefully inspire students to become future forensic scientists. She also wanted her students to understand that if they decide to pursue a career in any of these fields that the jail will be an environment they need to be comfortable with.

Several of Dr. Garcia’s students had these things to say about their experience at the Lubbock County Jail:

“This experience was very eye-opening and has given me a great respect for the law enforcement.”

“I am not going to break the law again because I wasn’t even there for punishment and I was still freaked out.”

“It was very interesting. It showed me a whole other side of things I never understood.”

Whether these students decide to pursue a career in forensics or law enforcement, this is one lesson that they will not soon forget.