Family and Consumer Sciences Take Spotlight at CTE Board Luncheon

Students and teachers gave presentations to community members at the bi-annual meeting.

Educators and professionals within the Frenship community received and inside look into the Family and Consumer Sciences classes at Frenship High School. Representatives from Child Development, Interior Design, Mentor Program, and Culinary Department gave presentations about their respective programs.

Each class had a hand in the preparations for the meeting. Members of the Child Development Classes hosted an informational booth, the Mentor Program planned a teambuilding activity, Interior Design decorated the venue, and the Culinary Department provided an outstanding lunch.

In addition to listening to presentations, attendees had the opportunity to take in-depth tours of the Family and Consumer Science facilities.

Leo Landron, a senior at Frenship High School and President of Family and Career Community Leaders of America, described how being a member of the Family and Consumer sciences has changed his trajectory as a student.

“Before I was a mentor in of mentorship program, I was the type of kid who needed a mentor. I saw too much of the inside of the principal’s office when I was younger,” recounted Landron.

“I wanted to be a part of something bigger than myself in high school. One of my teachers in this program saw a lot of potential in me and helped me to grow. I never would have seen myself as president of anything back then, but I’m glad that’s what I get to do now,” said Landron.

For more information on Family and Consumer Science classes at Frenship High School, visit the Career and Technical Education website here.