Eight Frenship Athletes Sign Letter of Intent to Play at Collegiate Level

From gymnastics to softball, football and more, eight Frenship athletes will compete at the college level.

Congratulations to the eight Frenship High School athletes who signed their letters of intent to play at the collegiate level Wednesday (May 17)!

All eight students have committed to compete in a variety of sports, including gymnastics, cheerleading, softball, baseball, volleyball, track and baseball.

The students include:

  • Makayla Cochran – West Virginia Wesleyan (gymnastics)
  • Nicole Johnson – West Virginia Wesleyan (gymnastics)
  • Mylea Drones – Sam Houston State University (cheerleading)
  • Marissa Mirabal – Texas Tech University (softball)
  • Bradden Kennard – Wayland Baptist University (baseball)
  • Amber Daniel – Wayland Baptist University (volleyball)
  • Traya Joiner – McMurry University (track)
  • Alfonso Aguilar – Ottawa University (football)

Congratulations to each of these students and good luck on the next chapter as collegiate athletes!