Education Seminar for Parents Hosted by Westwind Elementary

DSC_0314Recently parents of Westwind Elementary students had the opportunity to get back to the classroom. On Tuesday, May 5th teachers from across the campus conducted an educational seminar to enable parents to better assist in their child’s at home learning.

Lessons covered topics such as: rhyming and breaking words apart, prefixes and suffixes, coaching reading with your child, coding and phonics and apps. It was a great opportunity to show the parents fun ways to increase their child’s learning while keeping their attention.

DSC_0320Lesley Rundell, third grade teacher at Westwind taught a session on apps – Cursive Writing Wizard and MadLibs. “The kids have so much fun learning with these apps,” said Rundell.

It was a great opportunity for parents to interact with their student’s teacher, see what is being used in the classroom to teach and to get a hands on lesson to continue in their child’s success.