Crestview Students Write and Present Original Books

Students in first grade at Crestview Elementary gained experience in reading, research, writing and presentation all in one study.

Students wrote their own “Don’t Let the Pigeon” books modeled after the popular series of books by Mo Willems. They first read many of the books to get an idea of the author’s writing style and the pigeon’s personality. Then, they learned how to draw the illustrations straight from the author/illustrator himself.

The next steps was to plan their ideas for writing their own “pigeon” story. They took pictures from places around the school, collaborated with others for ideas and then set to work. Once their stories were complete, Mrs. Wimberly bound their writing and illustrations into books and they shared them with their peers.

“This was such a unique and exciting experience for them to be real authors and illustrators who published their own books,” said Haley Beardemphl, Media Specialist at Crestview.