Crestview Brought the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra’s Music to Life

Every year,  the 5th grade students from area schools take a field trip to hear the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra perform.   This year, the LSO added the element of art into their concert.  Art teachers from those area schools were asked to voluntarily participate in having the 5th graders create artwork based on the pieces of music the orchestra would be playing.  The students were given a brief description of nine different mystery characters and a musical clip to listen to that went with each character. They were then asked to imagine and create what they thought that mystery person looked like.

The art work was submitted to the LSO and they chose several to be displayed in the lobby of the civic center where the Orchestra performed. As a special honor, several were even chosen to be displayed electronically on a screen during the Orchestra’s performances.  31 students’ art works from Crestview Elementary were chosen for display in the lobby and 10 of those were selected for the electronic display during the concert.  Crestview was only 1 of 6 schools that participated in the art exhibit.

Those students who’s art work was on display in the lobby were;  Makayla Mora, Sarah Armstrong, Ava Monico, Tracy Godfrey, Conner Fuhrman, Tatiana Smith, Julia Rodriguez*, Nathan Armstrong*, Victoria Galan, Stephanie Harrel, Brynn Carroll, Collin King, Jesse Jalomo, Coldon Kiser, Jess Hoel,      Emily Westerman, Sylvia Blackmon*, Ainslie Hudgens, Sarah Vasquez, Avery Cofer, Natalie Brumley*, Devyn Nairn*, Jaxon Exum*, Erin Klein*, Elissa Jackson*, Kena Draper, Kasaundra Lovi, Isaac Reitman*, Nehemiah Zamora*, Taylor Tubbs and  Kyra Johnson.

*-indicates students who’s art work was displayed electronically during the concert