Buy, Sell, and Trade Lesson in Westwind’s Kindergarten

DSC03895Mrs. Ivie’s Kindergarten Class at Westwind Elementary has been learning about the differences between “wants,” “needs,” and “money.” Mrs. Ivie had students, parents, and teachers donate toys for the “garage sale” lesson she wanted to do with her students.

Throughout the school year students have earned “fuzzies” (money) for good behavior and exceptional work habits. On Friday, May 15th, the students had a great big “garage sale” right on campus. Students learned that some items are more expensive than others and require more “fuzzies” to take that special toy home. It was a great way for the students to grasp the concept that just because you have 10 “fuzzies” doesn’t mean you get 10 new toys. It was so fun watching the students decide what they wanted and what they were able to buy!