Bennett Students Host Wax Museum to Entertain and Educate

IMG_0033Betsy Ross, Davy Crockett, Jackie Robinson, Abraham Lincoln, and the Wright brothers.

Those were just a few of the many historical figures and celebrities present during the Wax Museum presentation hosted by the third grade students at Bennett Elementary on Friday.

To begin the project a few weeks ago, each student selected a historical figure and researched about their selection. They then prepared a speech from their research to present to the audience. Their research included when the figure was born, hobbies, jobs, and how they made a great impact on American society.

On Friday, the doors to the wax museum were open to the public. Each student presented their one-minute speech to their captivated audience, but only after the audience prompted the character to begin by touching the button on their hand. Parents and guests were awed with colorful costumes and bubbling personalities to complement the presentations.

IMG_0028Great job to the students and teachers who brought our American history to life at the Bennett wax museum.