By Amy George
Bennett PumpkinsBennett Elementary’s second-grade students pulled their storybook characters out of the pages of their books and brought them to life through pumpkin decorating. The annual storybook pumpkin event saw many creative and silly characters lined down the hallways of the school.
After studying main character traits, as well as how a story can connect to their world, students got to work planning their pumpkin presentation. They picked a book, chose a character, decorated their pumpkins, wrote a report about their project and presented it to their classmates.

Things included in their reports were who is the main character, what does the book remind you of and why should others read the book.

After their presentations, the pumpkins were displayed in the hallways for the entire school to see! Take a look below:

Bennett PumpkinsBennett Pumpkins
Bennett PumpkinsBennett Pumpkins