Bennett Career Day

Bennett Career Day was held this week for all students to enjoy. The classrooms of the campus were full of students dressed up in what they hope to become when they grow up. Everything from teachers, to doctors to firemen and professional athletes could be found at Bennett. The Bennett parents volunteer their time to present to the students about their various careers. Some present for one class while others volunteer two hours, a half day, or an entire day!

Careers represented during this year’s career fair included electrical engineering professor, horseshoer, aerospace engineer, fireman, nurse, electrician, arborist, tour bus coordinator, cosmetologist and flight paramedic just to name a few.

Three of the Frenship High School counselors did a presentation for the fifth graders to educate them on some of the choices available to them in high school. All-in-all the students learned a lot about possible careers waiting for them when they graduate!