Art Club Festoons Bennett Hallways with Handmade Crafts

90 students dedicate time after school to expand their artistic horizons.

Like all elementary schools, Bennett Elementary boasts a colorful array of posters, décor, and artwork throughout the hallways. However, many of their art installations have been crafted by students in their after-school art club.

Special education aid Christie Haggard took it upon herself to give Bennett students a way to participate in a new creative outlet.

“With specials only being one day a week, I wanted the students to have more opportunities to learn about art and gain exposure to different types of art,” explained Haggard.

The students have explored line work, creative thinking, and multi-media projects during their monthly meetings.

“I really like doing all of the activities in art club,” said 5th grader Madelyn Tipton.

“I feel cool when I get to see my art on the wall!”