Army Band Commander Visits Heritage Middle School Band

Retired Leader and Commander of The United States Army Band, Colonel Thomas Palmatier, visited the Heritage Middle School Band classes and provided an incredible once in a lifetime experience for the young musicians. Having worked with eight Presidents, led world renowned ensembles in 54 countries and more, the students were able to learn from one of the world’s best.

David Biel, Director of Bands at HMS, said the experience was was an exceptional opportunity for the kids at HMS. “I was so happy to see their faces light up when he worked with them,” Biel said, “and his energy was infectious.”

Colonel Palmatier inspired the students to explore the music in new ways and taught them how to play their instruments to match the style of the music “A march is not a march,” Palmatier said, “it’s a dance!” He encouraged the students to play the song with energy and fun.

Jose Cano, and 8th grade Trumpet player said the Colonel was inspiring. “He made us a better band and helped me understand how to be a better musician,” Cano said. “It was cool and inspiring to watch that happen with me and my friends.”

“From the moment he walked in, he immediately engaged with the students,” Biel said, “and we could all tell it was truly special to see such a master educator at work.”