Frenship Honors Board Members During School Board Appreciation Month

As elected officials, the members of the Frenship School Board of Trustees advocate as a voice for their communities, serving the best interest of Frenship students, families, teachers and staff.

Frenship is honored to thank our board members who voluntarily tackle the enormous job of governing our local school district:

Brad Draper, President – serving since 2004

David R. Miller, Vice President – serving since 2006

Kyle Rogers, Secretary – serving since 2011

Greg Robinson – serving since 2013

Jamey Phillips – serving since 2015

Mikella Newsom – serving since 2018

Andrew Cox – serving since 2020

In 2019, the Frenship School Board of Trustees was ranked in the Top 5 School Boards in Texas. The members have a combined 60 years of service to Frenship! Many of the members have children that are Frenship students, spouses that are Frenship teachers, or are community volunteers through The Frenship Foundation for Leadership and other volunteer programs.

The theme this year is “Navigating to Success.” During the monthly board meeting on Monday, January 18, Frenship will recognize our board members for their dedicated work to the district.