A note from the Wolfforth Area Chamber of Commerce

The year of 2020 has brought many unknowns and hardships to our community. We have missed celebrating with all of you at our 4th on the 5th event in July, hosting our Annual Harvest Festival and Color Run in October and singing carols with you at our Christmas Celebration. We want to bring our community a way to create and maintain our bond and a place to share during a time when gathering together is difficult. We bring you the 2020 Wolfforth Wishing Tree!

Wishing Trees are found in many cultures throughout the world. Trees are a universal symbol of of hope, life and resilience. In ancient times – and in places unconnected by land, language, or culture – the concept of wishing trees emerged. In 17th century Scotland, the practice took the form of hammering coins into the trunks of hawthorn trees after making a wish. In ancient Japan, the ritual was gentler: for the Tanabata festival, people tied colorful papers with written wishes to bamboo branches. In Hong Kong, wishes were tied to oranges that were cast into the canopy of trees and here in North America, Native American tribes like the Lakota and Seminole hung colored prayer ties from a tree during the Sun Dance ceremony, with each color representing a different theme.

Community Wishing Trees can now be found throughout the US. Many times they are a symbol of a community coming together during a difficult time and a manifest of a shared vision for a bright future. At a time when we cannot gather together as a community, the Wolfforth Wishing Tree is a place for you to include your hopes, dreams, prayers and wishes for yourself and those around you and to share those thoughts with others.

The Wolfforth Wishing Tree can be found next to the City of Wolfforth Library at 508 E Hwy 62/82 (on the service road of the Brownfield Highway between 82nd Street and FM 179). Take an ornament from the box and write down your wish, hope, prayer or dreams and hang it on the tree. Read the wishes of others already placed on the tree and share in the feeling of the Holiday Season with your community.

We look forward to celebrating with you in 2021 and hope each of you have a safe, healthy and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!