Wolfforth Special Election on the November Ballot

The Wolfforth City Council has called for a special election on the November ballot to consider a
proposed Municipal Development District, which would impose a 0.50% sales and use tax inside the
city’s limits and within the Extra-Territorial Jurisdiction.

A Municipal Development District (MDD) is a special purpose district created for the purpose of
stimulating economic development and growth opportunities within the boundaries of the district. The
proposed Wolfforth MDD boundaries are generally one mile beyond the city limits of Wolfforth and
includes the Extra-Territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ) if not otherwise included in an adjacent city or
another city’s ETJ.

The city currently has a Type B Economic Development Corporation, which imposes a 0.50% sales
and use tax within the city limits. The major difference is that an MDD can impose this sales tax in
the ETJ of the City along with supporting projects and improvements in the ETJ. The EDC can only
impose its sales tax within the city limits. For goods sold within the Wolfforth city limits, the creation
of the MDD will make no difference in the sales tax paid on items, as the MDD tax will replace the
EDC tax. The sales and use tax rate will remain at the current 8.25%.

The MDD will be able to perform the same types of projects as are currently allowed by the Type B
EDC. Those include a variety of economic development activities including certain infrastructure
improvement projects, certain recreational or community facilities, projects related to business
enterprises that create or retain primary jobs, projects that promote new or expanded business
development, or convention center facilities and related improvements. In addition, proceeds may
also be used to hire necessary staff.

Voters within the city limits and within the proposed boundaries of the MDD will vote on Proposition
A regarding the MDD during the November 3 election.

Here is how Proposition A will read on the ballot:

Proposition A: Authorizing the creation of the Wolfforth Municipal Development District and the
imposition of a sales and use tax at the rate of one-half of one percent for the purpose of financing
development projects beneficial to the district.

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