Willow Bend Battle of the Books Competition

IMG_1567On Friday, April 10 Willow Bend held a Teacher Vs. Student Battle of the Books Competition. There were three student teams- 3rd grade, 4th grade, and 5th grade along with a team of 10 teachers who competed.  The event was held to help prepare the students for the district level competition that will take place in May.

The BOB District Level Competition will involve students reading 10 books- a variety of titles- and then competing against other campuses, and that is exactly what the students practiced against their teachers today. Following the reading of the books questions are asked to the students such as, “In which book did both parents have the same occupation?”. The grade level with the most points at the conclusion of the competition will win.

Results of Willow Bend’s internal competition were:  1st Place Fifth Grade, 2nd Place Fourth Grade, 3rd place Third Grade, and lastly teachers in 4th place. Great job today students and good luck in May!