Last Thursday, several girls from Westwind Elementary had the opportunity to meet Nicole Wingard, the current Miss Westgate, where she spoke to the girls about how to build their confidence. The Power of Positivity is a girls program put on in collaboration with Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.

Miranda Pequeno, the Communities in Schools Site Coordinator for Westwind Elementary, decided to organize this event because social media can be a very negative place, especially for the young children of America. Pequeno thought the girls of Westwind could benefit from a mentor like Miss Westlake.

The purpose of this event was for young girls to channel positivity and joy in their lives with the help of self-affirmations and community-service.

The students learn positive affirmations through drawing self-portraits and identifying their favorite personal traits. Positive affirmations are very effective because students can use them to support themselves and ensure that their inner dialogue is reminding them that they are enough and that they are loved. These daily positive and encouraging statements can help students grow their mindset and help form who students believe they can be.

They then completed a community service project, where they created artwork for elderly individuals in a local nursing home. They also has the opportunity to make art for their mothers or significant woman figures in their lives for Mother’s Day.

Miss Westlake ended the afternoon with games such as simon says, charades, Tag, and sardines followed by a presentation about the importance healthy eating and exercise.

“I think it is important to teach self-affirmations, exercise, and community service to students early on,” said Pequeno. “That way they incorporate this healthy and loving mindset as they get older and hopefully share with others.”

Learn more about the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America here.