TVMS Students Wrap Up Red Ribbon Week With Guest Speaker

As Red Ribbon Week draws to a close around the nation, Terra Vista Middle School wanted to do something to leave a lasting and uplifting impression on their students.

On Friday morning, anti-bullying speaker and drug prevention specialist Fabian Ramirez addressed the students on campus. As a child, he was the type of student who asked what he had to do to receive a “C” just to get by in school. Looking back on his education he wishes he would have taken a different approach and done his very best to try to get that “A”. Somewhere in that high school journey Ramirez decided he wanted to do more than just get by. This is a big point he likes to drive home in his message to students, “it is not where you start, it is where you end up that matters.”

Now, a first generation college graduate and an accomplished Master’s degree holder, he is able to follow his real passion of talking to students about pursing life to obtain their dreams. Throughout his career he has worked with many at risk youth and hopes to empower students to realize they control their future and that bullying and drugs are a roadblock to bypass on their road to success.

“If your yes is big enough, you won’t need to say no, your yes will do that for you.” Fabien Ramirez