TVMS Students Showcase Their Talent at the All-Region Choir Auditions

Region 16 Middle School All-Region Choir auditions were held Saturday, October 24 at Lubbock Cooper high school. Over 600 students from Lubbock and the surrounding area auditioned for a position in one of the two choirs. Some of the voice parts had up to 150 students auditioning! The SSA Choir is made up of 32 girls in each of the voice parts: Soprano 1, Soprano 2, and Alto. The TTB Choir is made up of 22 boys in each of the voice parts: Tenor 1, Tenor 2, and Bass.

Terra Vista Middle School had 24 students audition. Nineteen of these students were selected as members of the 2015 SSA and TTB MS All-Region Choirs!  As is obvious by the number of students auditioning in each voice part, Terra Vista students performed exceptionally well! Below are how the students placed:


Amber Sena                  1st chair (over 150 in this section!)

Lynsey Rogers              5th chair

KateLynne Braziel       17th chair

Samantha Walshaw    32nd chair


Anysa Johnson            8th chair

Madison Villanueva    13th chair

Rosa Ramirez               14th chair

Rebekah Ramos          25th chair

Rachel Starr                 29th chair


Ryan Walshaw         19th chair

Nehemia Zamora     21st chair


Connor Gerhart        2nd chair

Zeke Branch              7th chair

Evan Guaderrama    8th chair

Jonathan Montes     14th chair


Jack Woodward        1st chair

Travis Libre               3rd chair

Ethan Simmons       6th chair

Ryan Tucker             12th chair

Arle Rossnagel         33rd chair

Makenna Williams   39th chair

Natalie Dang             45th chair

J.D. Harvey               23rd chair

Kaleb Stuckwish       26th chair

We are very proud of all the students who auditioned and thank you for representing FISD so well!