TVMS All-Region Results

Terra Vista Middle School hosted the Middle School All-Region Auditions. For this competition students prepare challenging music and compete individually against other students from all over the region on similar instruments. They perform the musical selection for five judges and then the students are ranked in “chair order”. The top players are placed into two All-Region Bands.

In certain sections the top players also make it into the All-Region Orchestra. This year Terra Vista had 18 students qualify for the All-Region Band, along with 4 alternates! The results are as follows.

Honor Band (top band)

Azriel Burda – Flute, 9th chair

Katie Tucker – Oboe, 2nd chair (All-Region Orchestra)

Colton Dabbert – Bass Clarinet, 4th chair

Joshua Montgomery – Trumpet, 3rd chair (All-Region Orchestra)

Dylan Torres – Trumpet, 5th chair

Quinten Bruce – Trombone, 5th chair

Lorenzo Uribe – Trombone, 7th chair

Rocky Garcia – Tuba, 1st chair (All-Region Orchestra)

Ivan Garcia – Tuba, 5th chair


Symphonic Band (second band)

Viviann Robles – Clarinet, 9th chair

Mathew Wheeler – Clarinet, 14th chair

Adrian Salmon – Trumpet, 2nd chair

Keith Cartner – Trumpet, 5th chair

Aaron McGee – Trumpet, 7th chair

Will Stevens – French Horn, 2nd chair

Jaron McCullough – Trombone, 10th chair

Noah Portillo – Euphonium, 1st chair

Ryan Salmon – Percussion, 7th chair

Many thanks goes to all whom allowed the use of your classrooms for this contest.  Great job to David Speer for taking on such a big project of hosting a contest like this. TVMS also thanks the auxiliary staff for coming out weekly to work with these students and kudos to Aramark and the custodial staff as well for the food and cleanup!